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I was tasked with creating an eCommerce website of my own choosing. Since I'm a fan of Scottish culture and history, I decided to create a site selling kilts named Kiltcarron.

The first thing I did when starting this project was to do some preliminary research into current kilt services. I wrote down all of the resources I found, and what I liked and disliked about those serivces.

Next, I wrote all of the product categories down and sorted them into parent categories. From there, I created my site map. Since there were a lot of products and categories, this process underwent several revisions.

When my site map was ironed out, I sketched a few basic wires to figure out the layout for the Kiltcarron home page.


From there I sketched some wireframes to get a basic idea for the layout of the site. Once those were completed I created digital wireframes in Illustrator and fleshed out the rest of my state screens.

Specifically for this project, we were tasked with creating polished wires and a clickable prototype, as well as creating an executive summary, with a site map, feature set, and annotations. Once my prototype was done, I created my executive summary in InDesign.

Visual Design

This project did not involve the creation of a visual design, so I went back later and created the visual design. I wasn't completely happy with the top level navigation I had settled on in my wireframes, so I did some more research into successful eCommerce websites. From there, I created a simpler and more compact top level navigation.

After the visual design and iterative processes were over, I created the clickable prototype and updated my executive summary. The executive summary became a thirty-two page document, and I have displayed a few pages of it for you below.


If you'd like to view the clickable prototype of the final design, please click the button below.