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Adobe Creative Kids was an academically assigned group project. My team was given the very basic concept, to create an Adobe branded product for Children, and we were left to come up with a user experience.

My team did a lot of research for this project. We found that most children have access to tablets, over computers, so we decided to design a tablet-based application. In our research we also found that most children lose their ability to think creatively and divergently at a dramatic speed. Because of this, we decided to create a tool that encourages divergent thinking, and that it would be more successful if used in public school art classes.

Because of the volumes of research that we found, we iterated our site map and feaure set about a dozen times. Part of the reason for this was we wanted to have a unique sign in process that was safe and easy for children to use .


Once we had the site map and key features figured out, we started to wire frame our concepts. We did a few prelimary sketches of the editor tool and story mode on paper and on the white board, but ended up doing the vast majority of our wires in Illustrator.

Once we we started to get most of our wires completed, we realized that we needed to iterate the sign in process again. Originally we had planned to use photo recognition, but realized that there would be privacy issues involved. We decided to switch to a simpler sign in process that would not require a password.

Visual Design

Because our wireframes were really high fidelity, the visual design process was very quick to complete.

In addition to the visual design deliverable, we also created an executive summary with personas, site map, feature set, process, and annotations, and a clickable prototype.


If you'd like to view the clickable prototype of the final design, please click the button below.