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Bodimojo ParentMojo App Design + BodiMojo App Redesign

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Deliverables: Prototypes for ParentMojo and BodiMojo apps, Executive Summary, Personas, and Style Guide

Tools: White board, paper and pencil, Illustrator, InVision

Role: I participated in all aspects of the project, but performed the role of the lead interaction designer.

Concept: BodiMojo, a team project with a real client, was my last project at General Assembly. The team at BodiMojo was interested in creating a service for the parents of children with chronic conditions, to help them cope, relieve stress, and to educate them. Their initial idea was to have us create a form of courseware for parents.

My team looked into the courseware idea and found that there are already very comprehensive courseware services available, and that it would not have been cost effective for us to design a new courseware module. We went back to our client with this information, and pitched an idea for a parent app. They liked the idea of the app, and from there ParentMojo was born.

In addition to this, my team decided to redesign the BodiMojo app so that it match best practices, and more closely resemble apps that are popular with teens today.


Once my team finally had our concept solidified, we started out by first creating site maps and feature sets for both the new parent app, and the current BodiMojo app. We also decided to call the parent app 'ParentMojo' since it did not yet have an official name.

Since this was a group project, we sketched all of our preliminary state screens on the white board. After that we brought all of our sketches into Adobe Illustrator and cleaned them up.

Visual Design

We knew early on in the design process that we wanted to use a calming background image for ParentMojo, so once we chose the image, the rest of the final design fell into place. Going forward the ParentMojo team may choose to curate a rotating set of background images or to access an image API so each image is unique on a daily basis.

The final visual design for BodiMojo was created to be as neutral as possible--in order to appeal to male and female teenagers. Because of this, we chose teal as our top bar color, and it has the added bonus of matching Figg's (the BodiMojo mascot) orange suit.


If you'd like to view the clickable prototypes of the final design for each project, please click below.