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My first assignment at General Assembly was to create wires for an app concept, based off of a problem that a fellow classmate had in their every day life. My classmate, Devlin, said that his band had trouble coordinating their band practices. From this I came up with the concept for BandPractice.

My first step in the design process was to write down the problem and write out a solution. From there I was able to draw a site map, showing the flow of the app.


My next step in this process was to draw wire-frames using paper and pencil.

From here I actually created a clickable prototype using Pop, but I wasn't happy with how it came out, so I recreated all of my wires in Adobe Illustrator. From there, I created another clickable prototype in Pop.

Visual Design

The class project at this point did not involve adding a visual design. Because of this, a few weeks later, I revisted this concept, ran through some more iterations, and then created the final visual design.

After the final visual design was complete, I brought my project into InVision to create a clickable prototype. I also created a three page document to display key screens, the flow, and the key functions of the app.


If you'd like to view the clickable prototype of the final design, please click the button below.