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About Kate


Thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio. I am a user experience designer living in the Boston area, and I specialize in designing wireframes and applying visual designs.

My personal aesthetic involves ease of use and clean flat design, but I'm good at adapting to any environment.

I'd love to speak to you about UX--I'm looking for a job, but I'm always happy to connect with other professionals, to add to my network and to get feedback on my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me, or to take a look at my resume.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, pencil and paper, white board, InVision, Pop, Axure, Sketch, Balsamiq

My approach:

1) Identify problem, client needs, and goal

2) Product research + competitive analysis

3) Information architecture: site map and feature set

4) Wireframe and create prototype

5) User testing

6) Visual design, iteration, and final design

Contact Me

Email: katedanna47@gmail.com

Phone: 518-813-5682